Woman attacked by wild boar on beach in northern Italy: ‘I thought it was attracted to pizza, but it bit me’

A woman is bitten by a wild boar while on a beach in Genoa, a city in northern Italy. Rossana Padoan Falcone, 57, said she had just finished eating pizza when the animal appeared next to her. “I thought he was interested in pizza and he would try to open a cardboard box containing some leftovers. Instead, he bit me,” he also told publication La Repubblica, quoted by The Guardian.

The incident occurred in the Sturla area of ​​the Genoa neighborhood, where Rossana Padoan Falcone had gone to relax after work.

“I was at the beach, sitting on a towel,” the woman told La Repubblica. “I was enjoying the breeze when a wild boar suddenly appeared next to me. I stood still, seemed like he was about to leave, but then he came again and bit my arm,” he continued.

Padoan Falcone also said he had just eaten pizza when the boar appeared, which he described as “pretty big”. “I thought he was interested in pizza and would try to open a cardboard box containing a few slices. Instead, he bit me.”

She said she screamed when she saw her hands were covered in blood and someone else on the beach jumped up to help her. According to him, many tourists fled in panic, wrote The Guardian as well. He was taken to hospital, where he was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics and rabies medicine.

Last year, a herd of wild boars surrounded a woman who had just left a supermarket near Rome and stole her groceries, an incident that is now reigniting an old grudge about the animal’s presence in many Italian cities.

Padoan Falcone stated that the incident on the beach was a sign of Genoa’s “downturn”.

“It’s unacceptable to make citizens take such risks. I was on a beach where, next to me, was a couple with a child in a stroller. What if a wild boar had bitten the child? The beach is also accessible to persons with disabilities , why did you put them in danger?”, said the woman.

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