Why shouldn’t you eat the breakfast offered by the hotel, which is often included in the price of the accommodation. An employee reveals it all

Through a video clip posted on TikTok, Brandi Augustus, who has worked in several hotels in the UK, explains why tourists don’t have to eat breakfast which is included in the accommodation fee.

The young woman managed to create a sensation with her reveal, and the video on TikTok went viral and garnered over 1.4 million views and thousands of messages and reactions in a very short time.

A former employee explains why you shouldn’t eat hotel breakfast when you pay for a place to stay

Brandi Augustus decided to open her heart and reveal, through a video clip published on TikTok, the details she learned as an employee at the hotel. According to him, hotels looking to downsize offer services that leave something to be desired in terms of food, especially with regard to breakfast which is included in the price of the accommodation.

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The woman revealed that the kitchen was not cleaned properly at all and that, most of the time, employees were required to use the same cloth for all surfaces in the cooking area. Cleaning is carried out superficially, which is why dirt accumulates from day to day.

Besides, it explains why it shouldn’t be for breakfast provided by the hotel. Brandi Augustus, who from time to time has worked in several hotels in the UK, claims that materials are reused frequently, even if they are no longer of good quality, until they show clear signs of deterioration.


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It is important to note that cured meats, cheese, butter, and other animal products can be a real health hazard if consumed as such.

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“I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an attack on people who work in this industry but if the hotel tells you that you have breakfast included in your stay then don’t get too excited, just deny it. . Donuts, waffles and other products are offered to customers until they smell like beer. I just wanted to save you all an extra headache,” he said, in a clip published on TikTok, according to mirror.co.uk.

In addition, others reacted to the video, confirming the woman’s words and reinforcing the fact that you are not allowed to eat the breakfast provided by the hotel.

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