What to eat fasting in the morning. 5 healthy breakfast ideas that don’t make you fat

If you’re fasting and don’t know what to eat in the morning to keep you hungry until lunch, but without too many calories, we’ve come to your aid with some ideas for inspiration.

These fast foods are rich in protein, fiber and quality carbohydrates, plus lots of vitamins and minerals. You don’t have to worry about calories because they are very dietetic. In addition, they are diverse, so you can enjoy new flavors every day.

Find out below what you can eat on an empty stomach in the morning so you don’t gain weight and keep hunger at bay.

The best fasting food to eat in the morning

Whole wheat bread with hummus – It is a very nutritious fasting breakfast which gives you energy for a long time.

Whole-wheat pie with avocado and vegetable paste (green onions, bell peppers, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce) – this is a breakfast rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber that prevents hunger.

Vegetable milk porridge with oatmeal and fresh fruit – Here is another suggestion for a healthy and filling fast breakfast.

Eggless vegan omelet – filling, rich in protein, with a great taste, similar to a classic omelette. Serve with a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, radishes and lettuce. Check out the vegan omelette recipe here.

Bruschetta with tomatoes, olives and mushroom spots – This is a delicious breakfast full of vitamins and other nutrients. Choose to make mold stains at home. Check out here 9 homemade vegetable pate recipes, with very few calories.

What to eat for iftar in the morning, when it’s time to fish

On Saturdays or Sundays, you can opt for a homemade egg salad smeared with slices of whole wheat bread, along with peppers or tomatoes, for breakfast.

Another option is the endive sandwich and fish paste, a healthy breakfast recommended even for those with heart or kidney disease. And canned sardines in olive oil are great for breakfast when you’re craving fish. Combine it with some green onions and lemon juice!

And if you like a salad for breakfast, opt for tuna chunks with corn, beets, and coleslaw. The combinations are delicious and, more importantly, very healthy and filling!

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