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Nutritionist Ana Gospodinov explains that it is recommended to eat proteins at breakfast, as they contribute to the activation of metabolism and cognitive function, as well as a feeling of satiety.

Protein for breakfast, a dose of energy throughout the morning

“Eating a healthy breakfast helps maintain blood sugar levels for a longer time, resulting in a feeling of fullness. Also, eating a protein meal in the morning can have a big impact on your later lunch and dinner choices,” explains the nutritionist.

Protein “provides all the necessary nutrients for metabolic activation and cognitive function, gives you energy throughout the day and ensures you feel full in the first part of the day”, adds Ana Gospodinov, who does not recommend a breakfast consisting for example of a croissant with coffee, this is because reduced protein intake.

Recommendation for breakfast

Mini muffins baked from eggs

You can replace simple omelets with other dishes, such as mini muffins baked from eggs. For this preparation, mix the eggs with the vegetables of your choice, finely chop, and then pour the filling into mini-muffins, it will become a more appetizing dish, thanks to its final appearance.

Muffins with eggs
Source: Diez.md

cheese pudding

Pudding can be a good choice for breakfast, especially since it doesn’t require a lot of flour. It can be prepared the night before serving. For the classic recipe we will need only: cottage cheese, wheat flour, vanilla and, to taste, honey.

Pancakes with salmon

For this recipe we will need milk, eggs and wheat flour. We’ll brush the pancakes with cream cheese, then add the salmon and cucumber, of your choice. This is a protein breakfast rich in nutrients, thanks to which fatty acids from the Omega group, essential for the human body.

Another idea for breakfast hidangan

Egg and avocado toast

For this dish, we will fry two slices of bread in a pan, where we will spread the avocado. We set the asparagus sticks, which we can prepare in the oven, the night before. We put an egg on top and sprinkle with dill, salt, pepper and it’s ready to serve.

Avocado and egg toast
Source: Diez.md

Fresh cottage cheese with fruit

We need fresh fruit and low-fat cottage cheese. You can add chopped nuts, hazelnuts or dried fruit for a crunchy texture, according to Diez.md.

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