Weekly Fasting Menu: What to Eat Every Day?

Weekly Fasting Menu: What to Eat Every Day? We present a delicious fasting menu, which you can prepare during Lent.

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Fasting menu for a week. Here’s an example of a fasting menu for a week! No oil or wine is used in this fasting menu during the week, from Monday to Friday.

If you’re used to fasting or have decided to give it a try now, you’re sure to like some ideas with fasting preparations. In addition, a well-structured fasting menu, as we propose, will help you in many aspects of your general health and well-being.

Check out what dishes we recommend for Easter, which you can easily prepare, without being a gastronomy expert.


Fasting breakfast

You can choose a sweet breakfast or a salty one which is more filling.

Fruit salad with pistachios

Tea, baked potato, green lentils, olives, sour cherry jam with bread.

Have lunch

nettle soup

peanut itching

plum compote, apple

Quinoa and chickpea salad

Weekly Fasting Menu: What to Eat Every Day?

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Fast food with rice and vegetables

pasta with vegetables

vegetable market



3 slices of whole wheat bread with eggplant salad or avocado with tomatoes

peanut stew, fruit oats, melon jam

Have lunch

beans with carrots and celery salad

mashed potatoes, grated nettle, polenta, garlic;

cherry compote


Baked potatoes with rosemary in the oven and beetroot salad

Tomato soup with basil

Weekly Fasting Menu: What to Eat Every Day?



oats with soy or almond milk

Homemade soy sauce, natural potatoes, plum jam with bread.

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Have lunch

Vegetable soup

green beans, mashed, polenta


grilled mushrooms with soy meatballs

pilaf with vegetables



quinoa with apple, cinnamon and vanilla

oriental salad, boiled old beans

cranberry jam with bread.

Have lunch

vegetable cream soup

eat peanuts



fast food lentil and meatball soup

soup with conobida dumplings

baked potato with rosemary

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tea with 2 slices of bread with jam

marinated ghebe salad, zacusca

cherry jam with bread

Have lunch

chickpea salad with green onions and vegetables

vegetable soup with broccoli

vegetable pot

Fruit salad


rice with vegetables

stuffed eggplant

tomato stuffed with eggplant salad

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Weekly Fasting Menu: What to Eat Every Day?



oats with hazelnut milk

chickpea pate, olives, spinach salad

Have lunch

hummus with roasted peppers

green bean food

mashed, sliced ​​soy meat with sauerkraut salad

eggplant salad

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boiled vegetables

Zucchini Soup Cream

potatoes baked in the oven in the skin with spices



oatmeal with nuts and berries

buckwheat with almond milk and nuts

Fasting Week Menu: What to Eat Every Day?

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Have lunch

Mushroom soup

post office

soy meatballs

potato moussaka


boiled potatoes with onions and dill

raw vegetable salad with quinoa

Fruit salad

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