The secret to preparing the perfect dessert

When you want to prepare a dessert, you should know that there are several types of cakes. The basis of any cake is the top and the filling. The characteristics of the taste and appearance of confectionery products depend on the correct preparation of these components. To prepare cakes, in addition to meringues, a dough based on flour, eggs, sugar and other products provided for in the recipe is used.

The classic variant for the cake is the biscuit top, which can be vanilla, chocolate, or some other flavor. Also popular are honey and wafer tops, as well as desserts prepared according to complex recipes with several components. Housewives and confectioners use a variety of recipes for baking cake tops. They even come with their own choice of tables.

To prepare the top cream, flour is prepared with boiling water, in which the butter is dissolved

Top Cake Types: The Most Delicious Recipes

The top types of biscuits include traditional cakes which are based on many recipes. To cook this top, you will need a minimum of simple and easily accessible ingredients. So you will need flour, eggs, you can also use quail eggs, sugar and baking powder.

To get a fluffy topping like sponge cake, the yolks must be whipped warm, and the whites cold. The plate should be ceramic or glass, but not aluminum. Biscuits go well with sweet impregnations, berry jam, butter cream or egg yolks.

woman holding cake board
Sand cakes are just as popular for preparing birthday cakes

Sand cakes are equally popular for preparing birthday cakes. The composition, of course, includes high-quality butter, which must be frozen before cooking, then chopped or grated and mixed with flour. Soft but melted butter, beat with eggs and sugar. When baking the tops, you should control the temperature so that they are not too dry.

Puff pastry sheets are difficult to prepare, require a lot of time and skill, but they make amazing cakes. The dough is prepared without sugar, based on flour and butter. Thus, the dough is kneaded in a cool room, after which it is put in the refrigerator. It is important to bake it without oil on medium heat, trying not to open the oven so that the top does not sag.

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To prepare the top of the cream, prepare flour with boiling water, in which butter is dissolved. When the mass has cooled, the eggs are added and everything is mixed well so that lumps do not form.

Yeast-based tops are just as popular. Its preparation requires a lot of work, but in its finished form it can be stored for several days without losing its taste characteristics. For the filling, jam and eggs or butter cream are suitable.

cake slices on a stand
To get a fluffy topping like sponge cake, the yolks must be whipped warm, and the whites cold

Cream cake is one of my favorite desserts since childhood. To prepare this type of cake, housewives use classic tops to which a lot of cream is added. The main component that gives it brittleness is cream with a high percentage of fat.

Honey cake is a light and creamy dessert with a pleasant aroma. It is prepared quickly and simply, and the results are liked by almost everyone. Honey cakes are softened with cream or butter cream, pieces of dried plums or dried apricots are added to the coating.

There are many types of nastar cake, but you need to know that any version can be changed according to the taste of the host. And the use of different impregnations, creams and jams will allow you to get desserts of a new taste every time.

cake slices on a plate
The classic variant for the cake is the biscuit topped, it can be vanilla, chocolate or other flavors

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