The secret of the best pizza dough. The dish will come out just like in Italy

People all over the world love pizza. Many of them like to order them in restaurants, but smart housewives like to make them at home from scratch for family and friends. It’s not difficult at all to make a special pizza like in Italy. You have to pay attention to some details related to proportion and quantity. It takes patience to let the dough rise for at least an hour to allow it to rise and fill with air. Here’s how to do it!

Pizza Topping Recipes: How To Make It Perfect?

Pizza is loved by everyone. Many people order it at a restaurant in the evening or prepare it at home. Many housewives have tried various pizza topping recipes from time to time. Romanians have a special way of making this dish.

To be more precise, there are regions of the country where the tops are very thick, and on top of which are various ingredients such as: sausage, salted cheese, eggs or potatoes. Italians eat it as simply as possible with: tomato sauce, cheese and fresh basil. Pizza conquers with its versatility and offers hundreds of special recipes.

The special taste of this dish depends on the dough. The base is usually made of wheat flour. Specialists knead the dough very quickly, but let it rise for hours beforehand. A useful trick is to use only your hands, not the rollers you normally use.

Don’t let the dough get wet

You should make dough sheets 3-4 mm thick in the center and 1-2 cm on the sides. In addition, so that the dough does not get wet, it must be smeared with extra virgin olive oil. It is not recommended to leave the cake in the refrigerator for a long time as it loses its taste and freshness.

Texture may crack after defrosting. Experts recommend adding more yeast than the recipe calls for. After letting it rise for at least two hours, grease the sheet with oiled hands and leave everything in the selected pan for 20 minutes, then put the desired ingredients and put the dough in the oven.

It is recommended that you make your own tomato sauce at home, seasoned according to your family’s taste. You can put salami, tomatoes, cheese, cheese, oregano, chili, mushrooms, or quality olives on top. Some people eat it with corn or pineapple, but others like to prepare it with everything. Good appetite!

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