The best type of cheese for pizza. Mixtures used by top Italian chefs

The best type of cheese for pizza. Do you know who they are? Whether we are talking about mozzarella, gouda, roquefort or parmesan, cheese is an essential ingredient in the preparation of the famous pizza. For the recipe to be perfect, it is important to choose the right type of cheese. Here are the best ingredients when you want to get the best taste and just the right texture.

What is the best type of cheese for pizza?

When the ideal pizza ingredients are combined, it is recommended that the texture and taste contrast. For example, if you want to add hard cheese to your pizza, the expert advice is to crush it and combine it with soft cheese, in larger doses.

Mixing textures between pizza cheese and other ingredients is usually a lot of fun, though it’s important to do it with great taste.

Mozzarella Cheese

In pizza recipes, great cooks usually use mozzarella to achieve the perfect taste. However, you have to be careful because pizzas made with mozzarella leave a lot of oil when cooking.

It’s natural for all cheeses to shed some of their fat when subjected to high temperatures, and in the case of pizza recipes, this will affect the final taste, appearance and taste.

If you add very good quality mozzarella cheese, you are sure to get a delicious pizza, aesthetically appealing with a nice texture to taste.

The best type of cheese for pizza. Parmesan

Parmesan cheese is slightly spicy and very flavorful, making it one of the tastiest pizza cheeses. It can be added alone or combined with mozzarella or other soft cheeses to reduce the intensity.

Parmesan should be grated as you put it on top, so that the cheese melts evenly. In addition, in this way a uniform golden crust is obtained over the entire surface of the pie.

If you season it with fresh basil, mushrooms, or tomatoes, the pizza will be a real hit. Mozzarella can be added grated or cut into small pieces.


If you’re tired of mozzarella and parmesan, gouda cheese is a great choice for a recipe with lots of character. Gouda is also a fairly inexpensive alternative.

This pizza cheese melts easily and has an inviting taste that goes well with typical Italian pizza recipes. Gouda can also be used in a smoked version, it has a unique and unforgettable taste.


Among the best types of pizza cheese is, of course, Roquefort cheese. If you want to cook a pie that will please even the most demanding customer, then chefs recommend incorporating Roquefort cheese into the pizza dough.

With all the ingredients you want to add, the taste and texture of this special cheese will always stand out, and the customer’s taste buds will be completely satisfied.

Generally, Roquefortse cheese is grated and stuffed into the dough along with large amounts of mozzarella or other soft or semi-soft cheeses.

Roquefort cheese has a special, salty and intense taste. A brilliant recipe you can make is pizza with arugula and Roquefort cheese, a classic among Italians.

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