Super September Deals at GiorgioMare, the shop for frozen seafood and fish delicacies!

Are you craving seafood? Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are discount programs that GiorgioMare – a shop specializing in frozen fish and seafood dishes, as well as other Italian specialty products – offer to its customers.

Cuttlefish cleaned – 73 lei per kg

Fish mix – 51.50 lei per kg

Ravioli al gambero rosa – 46 lei / piece – 800 g

Whole scallops – 21 lei /kg

Raw peeled shrimp – 53.50 lei/kg

Gnocchi del pescatore – 32 lei per pack (1 pack – kg)

Irish whole mussels – 23/50 lei/kg

Salmon tail with skin – 88 lei /kg

Trippa pronta alla veneta – 27.50 lei/piece – 500 g

Spezzatino di mare alla marchigiana – 53.50 lei / piece – 800 g

In June 2018, in the Prima Shops Oradea store, the Italian brand GiorgioMare appeared for the first time on the Romanian retail market. The shop offers and sells frozen, preserved and dried fish and seafood products, and seafood products of special quality. The range of products has been diversified so that now at GiorgioMare you can also buy a wide variety of cheeses and charcuteries as well as wines. In a newly renovated modern space, friendly and qualified staff are on hand to assist you with advice and recommendations.

Eat fresh live healthy

With imagination and experience, GiorgioMare creates recipes and selects all the ingredients for their dishes and products, the most popular of which are: the famous Paella, Neapolitan style cod, fish gnocchi, sea penneamatriciana and, above all, seafood and seafood tuna.

In stores in Oradea, you can find more than 200 products: fish, seafood, prepared and semi-finished food, pizza, pasta, desserts, wine, cheese, olive oil and many other products, all of the highest quality. If you want to cook something special for your family or you have guests, if you want to prepare something quickly, we look forward to welcoming you to our shop, GiorgioMare, located inside Prima Shops, str. tefan Octavian Iosif no. 5, from Calea Decebal.

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Super Deals at GiorgioMare, four years after the opening of the frozen seafood and fish delicacies shop!

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