Separated diet. Full menu for 9 days: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks


Breakfast: grilled chicken breast with salt and spices

Snack: simple coffee

Lunch: grilled mackerel, salty and spicy

Snack: a glass of natural orange juice

Dinner: steamed turkey


Breakfast: lean chicken or turkey ham

Snack: simple coffee

Lunch: fish on the grill, spicy

Snack: unsweetened tea

Dinner: beef stew


Breakfast: steamed chicken feet

Snack: simple coffee

Lunch: grilled fish with spices

Snack: a glass of natural apple juice

Dinner: seafood, or roast beef tenderloin

DAY 4 – MILK (skimmed)

Breakfast: sweet cottage cheese, sweet milk

Snack: milkshake

Lunch: telemea, yogurt

Snack: kefir

Dinner: telemea, milkshake

DAY 5 – MILK (skimmed)

Breakfast: sweet cottage cheese, milk

Snack: simple coffee

Lunch: telemea, kefir

Snack: milkshake

Dinner: telemea, yogurt

DAY 6 – MILK (skimmed)

Breakfast: milk, sweet cheese

Snack: telemea

Lunch: sweet cottage cheese, yogurt

Snack: unsweetened tea

Dinner: kefir, telemea

DAY 7 – VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (what you find, depends on the season)

Breakfast: eggplant salad, tomato salad, onions, peppers, radishes, cucumbers

Snack: peaches, strawberries, tangerines, grapefruit

Lunch: roasted green beans with mushrooms, green salad

Snack: pomelo, nectarine, watermelon, apple

Dinner: cauliflower with carrots and celery, baked

DAY 8 – VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (what you find, depends on the season)

Breakfast: grilled mushrooms, cabbage salad

Snack: melon, peach, kiwi and coffee

Lunch: grilled broccoli, carrots and celery, tomatoes, peppers, onions and lemon salad

Snack: apples, tangerines, cherries, blackberries

Dinner: stewed cauliflower salad with onions

DAY 9 – VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (what you find, depends on the season)

Breakfast: green salad with sliced ​​or grated carrots, peppers, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes

Snack: apples, melons, oranges, peaches

Lunch: grilled eggplant with cauliflower and broccoli

Snack: pomelo, kiwi, tangerine, sour cherry, strawberry

Dinner: radish salad, with grilled celery and mushrooms


BONUS: Cori Grămescu, a weight loss plan for people suffering from obesity

“In addressing obesity systemically, I prioritize reducing waist circumference and increasing rates of non-fitness movement to eliminate one of the causes of obesity – insulin resistance. Obesity is a complex condition that causes changes in personality traits, changes in hormonal balance and an unstable metabolism. Therefore, obese clients should be supported to rebuild, first of all, the emotional self-regulation system through which they can begin to effectively navigate daily struggles, and for this purpose the relationship with the coach is an important means.

Then, daily exercise and a balanced diet are meant to balance the hormonal system and, over time, all metabolic functions, as long as these changes are followed consistently. The ultimate goal of a weight management program for the treatment of obesity is to equip clients with a flexible set of impulse control skills, a coherent body of knowledge about healthy nutrition, and new emotional release behaviors that they can control over the years. make in their daily life.

When we talk about obesity interventions, action plans mean prioritizing constant, gentle changes in everyday choices and strengthening confidence in a person’s ability to navigate these long-term choices,” Cori Grămescu explained on Facebook.

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