Pizza is like in Italy, in Sibiu. Pizzeria Napoli is open

Pizza lovers should know that this new place dedicated to Italian dishes has opened in Sibiu. This is about Pizzeria Napoli, on Gladiolus St, number 1, which promises authentic pizza, which will take us for a moment to think about Italy and its dishes.

Pizzeria Napoli opened a month ago with the desire to bring the taste of authentic Italian pizza to our city. “We chose to open a pizzeria because we have been to Naples several times and we were blown away by the idea of ​​having our own pizzeria. We tried to make pizza exactly the way it is made there, from the ingredients to the oven”, said a representative from the new pizzeria in Sibiu.

The difference is given by the ingredients

As they explain, the pizzeria is different from others in Sibiu with its signature Italian ingredients, with the oven preparing it, with attention to detail.

“We are talking about authentic Neapolitan pizza. Real ingredients, real oven. Neapolitan pizza is very special, including real flour, specially for its preparation. For other ingredients, we have suppliers who bring them to us from Italy”, they also said.

What kind of pizza can we choose?

At Pizzeria Napoli we have several types of pizza to choose from. We can choose from Margherita Buffala, Marinara, Prosciutto Cotto, Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi, Stagioni, Quatro Formaggi, Capriciosa, Vela Nostra, Diavola, Salsicia, Con verdure, Golfo di Napoli, Prosciutto Crudo, Romana or Foccacia.

“In the coming weeks, the menu will vary, and we will add others to the existing assortment. At the same time, people should know that they can find us on Tazz, but also on Glovo”.

If you are interested in following new pizzeria activities, you can do so on the Pizzeria Napoli Sibiu Facebook page.

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