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Naples, the third largest city in Italy, is known as the city of contrasts. With their unique dialect, but also with special culinary preparations, the Neapolitans have conquered the world map with the specialties of the region. Whether you’re missing a peninsula holiday or planning to explore the bohemian streets that characterize it, Partigiano, Palas’ newest restaurant, specializing in Italian, invites you to taste Neapolitan flavours. Authentic pizzas, fresh pastas and delicious desserts are prepared here, which will “carry” you through the kitchen shrouded in the flavors of the Campania region.

Arriving at Palas Mall, you can’t help but stop for a moment to admire the design of the newest restaurant that has opened, which is inspired by the relaxed atmosphere, specifically for the Neapolitan location. Partigiano is on the 1st floor, at the former Quartz Loungeand have a special conceptreminiscent of Cozy pizzeria in the center of Naples. “Heart” is represented by two natural olive trees, located in the middle of the restaurant, vitality infusion and source of refreshment. With capacity 80 indoor seats and more 80 seats on the terraceoutdoors, is a place where you can enjoy a “dolce far niente” state any time of the day.

At Partigiano you can relax while enjoying the original taste where pizza was “born”. Here you can enjoy the classic Margherita con bufala, fickle, Quattro Formaggi or Four season or you can surprise yourself with a unique combination of bresaola, burrata, ricotta with pistachios or pears with walnutsthat the restaurant offers you in a wide variety of pizzas with thin top and airy crust.

For a true culinary experience, bringing the authentic flavors of Naples to the heart of IașiPartiziano using the best materials specific to the area: caputo flourfamous for its authentic pizza and pasta recipes, from the only world class producer, originating from Naples, San Marzano Dop tomato saucemade from delicious tomatoes that grow on the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, Mozzarella “Fior di Latte” from Latteria Sorrentinaone of the largest milk producers north of Vesuvius, but also the original Mozzarella at Bufala Campana PDOproduced according to traditional recipes, only in certain areas.

to Partisan You can also enjoy some fresh pasta, made only according to authentic Italian recipes, with fresh pasta prepared in the restaurant’s own kitchen. You can also try appetizers contains Italian ingredientssaltimbocca (hot sandwich) or salad with prosciutto, chicken breast and mozzarella active times the vegan ones. And since the mouthwatering sweet delights of an authentic Italian restaurant cannot be missed, for dessert you can enjoy a wide selection: nutella pizzawith Almond flakes and berry topping, artisanal ice cream in various flavors, a Or cheesecake a Dolce Trio Chocolate, Tiramisu, Caramel Brownies or Cappuccino Cake.

Come to Palas, to Partigiano, and enjoy the taste of Italy!

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