Oradea is in 6th place in Europe, in the preferences of foreign tourists, announced the Ministry of Tourism/ It was chosen by more than 500,000 tourists in Europe’s Best Destinations

The city of Oradea succeeded, following the votes of more than 500,000 tourists from around the world, to occupy the 6th place in the list of destinations suitable for city vacation trips and long vacations, according to a post on the ministry’s Facebook account.

According to the ranking of Europe’s Best Destinations, Oradea is considered a model for many destinations in Romania, with a surprising architectural landscape and diverse cultural programme.

The ranking includes destinations from countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Romania which managed to outperform countries such as the UK, Italy, Greece or Austria.

Designated this year as Europe’s most beautiful Art Nouveau destination, Oradea deserves to be on the list of must-visit destinations at least once in a lifetime, a ministry representative said.

source: Agerpres.ro

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