Oatmeal with berries in the oven. Healthy breakfast recipe

Here’s how to eat oatmeal for weight loss.

It quickly became his favorite breakfast, although he remembers it was “bland”. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when she saw a post about oatmeal with berries on TikTok, she decided to make her own version.

“A mixture of honey and cinnamon shake gives it more flavor,” says DeLuca. “Now I make my baked oatmeal with berries almost every week for breakfast or even opt for it as a snack during the week. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness and is a convenient healthy meal. I can eat it anytime, before or after a workout, and feel good.” satisfied.”

How healthy is an oatmeal recipe with berries?

Johane Filemon is a renowned nutritionist and dietitian who says that different ingredients in one meal like this can be a great way to add more different nutrients to a meal.

“This oatmeal recipe is so colorful and packed with nutrients. It contains soluble fiber and vitamin C, which can help with proper digestion. It’s also great for those who want to start the day in a healthy way and don’t have a lot of time. This allows you to bake it and go to prepare for the day ahead.”

Rosalynn Daniels is a food blogger who recently tested recipes in her own kitchen. She added chia seeds to make the dish a little more filling. According to Daniels, viral breakfast only takes two minutes to prepare. It only takes 25 minutes in the oven for breakfast to be ready.

“If you need something quick in the morning, this recipe is easy to make. You can even make it the night before,” says Daniels, adding that her kids love the dish too.

The constancy of the dish and the fact that it is an easy recipe to prepare makes people turn to it whenever they need to whip up a quick breakfast on the table.

Daniels says that although she thought the berries worked well in her recipe, she wanted to change the ingredients up a bit. He plans to try apples and walnuts when he makes his next dish.

“I’m not going to lie, the house smells great,” Daniels said on TikTok.

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