Mascarpone and raspberry cake. The perfect recipe for a birthday

  • Mascarpone and raspberry cake
  • The perfect recipe for any party

The mascarpone and raspberry cake recipe is a favorite of everyone who has tried it so far. The inviting aroma of raspberry is unmatched and makes this cake a special charm. It’s easy to prepare and turn any party into something unforgettable.


For the counter

250 gr wheat flour

200 gr sugar

300 grams of cocoa

10 eggs

Developer powder

For the cream

400 grams of mascarpone

200 gr sugar

400 gr white chocolate

100 grams of butter


Preparation method

Top Beat egg whites until foamy. Add sugar and continue beating. Add egg yolks, then sprinkle with flour that has been mixed with baking powder. Homogenize and divide the composition in half. Cocoa is included in one of the numbers. Grease 2 molds with butter and pour 2 compositions. Cook for 45 minutes on medium heat. Remove on a wire rack, and once cool, cut each top into two pieces. Beat the mascarpone cream well with a mixer along with the sugar. In the end, some raspberries were added. Assemble the cake. Alternately place the sheets and brush with mascarpone cream. Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath, then mix it with the soft butter. This cake is covered with white chocolate and decorated with grated chocolate. Good appetite!

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