Jamie Oliver omelette recipe. What’s the chef’s secret to a delicious breakfast?

  • Jamie Oliver omelette recipe
  • This is the chef’s secret!

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous and famous chefs in the world. She has written several delicious cookbooks and has been cooking since a young age. In addition to his television appearances, he is considered one of the most beloved chefs in the world.

Jamie Oliver omelette recipe

If you also want a healthy breakfast for yourself and your family, we present the secrets that chefs use in the kitchen for delicious omelette recipes.


  • Cheddar
  • egg
  • salt
  • bread
  • olive oil

Preparation method:

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat, then grate the cheddar cheese and season with salt. Add a slice of toast, then grease the pan with a teaspoon of olive oil, then pour in the beaten egg and put it in the pan after only 10-20 seconds. When the eggs have frozen, add the grated cheese and fold in the omelet with a spatula.

Place on top of the bread slices and sprinkle the scallions on top. An omelet will be delicious and can be served with some healthy vegetables. In addition to his books and shows, Jamie Oliver shares many delicious recipes with his fans on his website.

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