IN THE STEP OF the 2022 Artisan Gastronomic Festival, at Rozelor Park in Timișoara

IN STEP The Artisan Gastronomy Festival takes place between 23 and 25 September 2022 at Rozelor Park in Timișoara, organized by the CRIES Association – Resource Center for Ethical Initiative and Solidarity.

The LA PAS Festival brings together more than 50 artisans and supports a complex artistic program, with local artists, from the country as well as from Hungary, Italy and Portugal. Everyone is welcome, the activities are friendly to all age groups.

To emphasize the values ​​and principles in which they work, representatives of the CRIES Association collaborate with local, national and European organizations, schools, with local producers, craftsmen and artists, sensitive to the themes proposed by the event.

LA PAS craftsman

They will offer a variety of food products prepared according to traditional or innovative recipes, using mostly local ingredients and sustainable production practices. Locally produced craft beers, vegetarian and vegan menus, local and international dishes, ciders, chilled juices, jams, sausages, cakes, artisan breads, dairy products and specialty cheeses – all part of this year’s edition of the gastronomic offering .

They will be arranged throughout the duration of the Festival flavor at the manufacturer’s stand, accompanied by a product story. Will occur demonstration traditional cooking practices, such as making magiunul or pita in a wok.

To highlight the importance of small food producers and encourage the public to explore the diversity of tastes, will be launched LA PAS brand products: cheese, bread, honey, cider and craft beer and scented candlesproduced by Curtea Colororil Association, Prospero, Poienita Zarand, Casa Despi, OneTwo Brewery, OilRight.

Festival program

Visitors are expected from Friday, September 23, 2022, at the Rose Garden in Timișoara, starting at 3pm, when all booths will be open. On Friday night Murani Circus School will hold a Rope walk and vertical stunt show.

Daily Timișoara residents and tourists are welcome concert program, varied and for different tastes, supported by artists from JazzyBit, Mădălina Pavl Live Orchestra, Simion Bogdan-Mihai and Silk Fiddler, DJ on vinyl: Angel (SouledOut), Rapala (Soulheads) the:ratio, Kira Németh & Bela Wittek from Hungary and Nina Ninar – Telma Pereira, Carlos Garcia from Portugal.

On the three days of the festival will be arranged “5 minutes for a date with you”o art installations built in real time, with visitors, craftsmen and volunteers as protagonists. During the festival, participants are invited to sit for 5 minutes, observe or be observed, draw or be drawn by artist Ligia Fernandes, to give pause for interaction or reflection. The event is invitation to slow downcome from artistic producer LARGO Residencias Koperasi Cooperative from Portugal.

Workshop program

More than 20 workshops will be available for children, adults or seniorstackles interesting topics such as access to safe water, how to make polenta, circus for kids and parents, sensory education with herbs, how to make pizza, how to turn advertising waste into sustainable products, green fashion: practices for sustainable, sustainable consumers city ​​through children’s eyes or anti-garbage jars.

Eco PlaygroundEcologos, organized in collaboration with the Seneca Association, is an interactive space where children can learn all about the Ecological Footprint and will be open to play and learn during the festival.

On the last day of the festival, a special moment is represented by the organization a borscht preparation workshop according to traditional Ukrainian recipes. Borscht was listed in 2022 on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage In danger. UNESCO has declared the practice of cooking this dish “in danger of extinction” due to the situation posed by the war that started in 2022 in Ukraine, defining it as a case of extreme emergency. The conflict in Ukraine endangers not only the custodians of the traditional borscht tradition, but also the environment and traditional agriculture.

Entry and participation in all LA PAS Festival activities is free of charge, thanks to the support of financiers, partners and volunteers.

This festival adheres to the concepts of sustainability and solidarity, celebrating sustainable production and consumption, bringing together artisans and consumers from Romania and Europe, who value local production, made with attention to social and environmental standards.

The full program of the Festival can be found here

Program La Pas. Festival de Gastronomie Artizanală 2022

This project is part of the Cultural Program “Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture” and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center.



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