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Robert Nedea is from Bucharest, and 30 years ago he chose to change his life. He went to Italy, where he settled and founded his own business.

Romania has pizzeria-restaurants in Jesolo, in the province of Venice, where it managed to transform the classic pizza recipe, adding a special value, more precisely, edible gold. These are mainly ordered by those looking to impress, along with a bottle of champagne.

How much does a gold topping pizza cost?

Romanian pizzeria found “Mimi Regina d’Oro Pizza 24 Kt“, a fancy pizza. Those who show interest will have to pay for it themselves 99 euros.

“In a restaurant in Dubai, steaks are sprinkled with gold and sell for a thousand dollars. We should do the same with pizza. We thought of giving customers the opportunity to experience the same emotions, but eat pizza.

But the cost is completely different. It is one thing to pay 1,500 euros for a piece of meat and another to pay 99 euros for a pizza, even if that is also a high price. Once in your life you can do something crazy. We don’t put our hands in anyone’s walletsaid Robert Nedea, the owner of the restaurant.

Pizza contains mozzarella, tomato sauce, 200 grams of buffalo burrata, basil and gold strips, 100% edible.

Gold leaf pizza, in high demand

Robert took the idea very seriously and the results were real. Between four and five customers a week order the most expensive dish on the menu.

Last week I sold five in one night! They are usually foreign tourists, but also local hoteliers and young people who want to exaggerate.”

He also mentioned that those who bought golden pizza I did it to impress the people at the table or the waiter, leaving a minimum of 25 euros as a tip. In addition to the golden pizza, customers also usually order a bottle of champagne.

“We serve Mimi Regina d’Oro pizza to the beat of the song We are a winner. If the customer also accepts, we notify the entire restaurant that they have ordered,” the pizzeria said, according to Carierredelveneto.

Edible gold is a specific type of gold approved by the European Union and the United States as a food additive, under the name E-175.

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