How much does a pizza at Patrizia Paglieri’s restaurant cost. Do you think it is expensive or not?

Patrizi Paglieri is one of the most famous chefs in Romania. He was part of the judges of the “Masterchef” show, but Romanians got to know him better after the “Asia Express” contest. After returning from Georgia, Patrizia dedicated herself exclusively to her business. He owns a restaurant in Bucharest specializing in Italian, and pizza is a customer favorite. Here is the price of pizza at the famous chef’s closed circuit restaurant.

How much does a pizza at Patrizia Paglieri .’s restaurant cost

The menu of Patriziai Pagleiri’s restaurant, located in Calea 13 Septembrie in the Capital, is diverse. You can order pasta, chowder, burgers and more, but the customer’s favorite is pizza. It is made in the Italian style, and each variation has ingredients from the original recipe.

Recently, the prices of food and non-food products have soared, but even so, Patrizzia Paglieri does not compromise on the quality of the products. The price of a pizza with a diameter of 30 cm can vary between 24 lei and 49 lei, depending on the type.

Price of Pizza from Patrizia Paglieri’s restaurant menu:

  • Pizza Margherita – 24 lei
  • Pizza Quattro stagioni – 34 lei
  • Pizza Quattro formaggi – 35 lei
  • Pizza Diavola – 32 lei
  • Prosciutto and mushroom pizza – 32 lei
  • Pizza Capriciosa – 34 lei
  • Pizza Queen – 49 lei
  • Raw prosciutto pizza – 49 lei
  • Salmon pizza – 37 lei
  • Frutti di mare pizza – 49 lei
  • Vegetarian pizza – 30 lei

Patrizia Paglieri, chef at “Dimineata cu noi”

Patrizia Paglieri is also part of the team of the new morning show broadcast by Kanal D, “Dimineata cu noi”. He delights his co-stars with the tastiest recipes every day. He recounts, behind the scenes of the show, how his teenage life was, living at maximum intensity in one of the most important resorts on the Italian Riviera, Sanremo.

Rebellious by nature, Patrizia reveals that she often manages to frighten her parents with the “boots” she makes.

“I used to often bake bread. My parents worked late, I stayed with my grandmother and left the house through the window; I returned not long before my parents returned from work. From 16 to 24, until I got married, I kept making things difficult for people. my old.

We have good friends, I like to go out and have fun, I live in Sanremo, it’s hard to be good there. I’m glad I’m not good, I’m having fun! I remember I went on a boat with my friends, without telling my parents, but the next day, from the sea, I told them where I was, I didn’t want them to worry. It seems natural to me to do this, to enjoy life.

I’m fine, good friends, they don’t need to worry, I don’t think that I will panic”, said Patrizia Paglieri.

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