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Gastritis is an inflammatory process located in the gastric mucosa and is one of the most common diseases of the digestive tract. That’s why it’s so important to know what to eat in the morning if you have gastritis.

In most cases, gastritis is caused by an unhealthy diet, Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in the stomach, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Gastritis can cause major long-term health problems, such as ulcers or other conditions.

People diagnosed with gastritis must of course switch to a healthy lifestyle, and for that there are a number of foods that must be included in their breakfast.

recommended food for gastritis

What to eat in the morning if you have gastritis: Muesli with fruit, cereal and yogurt

For gastritis sufferers, it is recommended to consume fiber and carbohydrates in the morning to get the energy needed throughout the day, as well as better digestion.

Of the many muesli offerings on the market, nutritionists recommend the most natural version, combined with candied fruits, such as raisins or cranberries.

Another food option that can be consumed in the morning, although less rich in vitamins, is cereal with milk. Cereals can also be combined with yogurt for better intestinal transit.

recommended food for gastritis

Boiled eggs, fish and fruit

Another option that helps people with gastritis is to eat 2 eggs, yogurt and toast for breakfast.

It is also recommended to eat fish, the most convenient option is tuna salad or plain fish. Otherwise, olive oil is great for gastritis, but so is Omega 3 from fish.

For breakfast, you can choose a fruit salad. Peeled apples, bananas, papayas, pears or watermelons are usually recommended.

Another option for people suffering from gastritis is vegetable cream soup.

people suffering from gastritis

Foods that are prohibited in the morning for people suffering from gastritis

Most of the sensations of stomach burning or bloating are caused by unhealthy eating habits and consumption of forbidden foods on an empty stomach.

Although rich in vitamin C and nutrients, tomatoes are best avoided on an empty stomach. Tomatoes contain tannic acid, a substance that increases acidity in the stomach and can cause stomach problems.

In recent years, taking over the model from abroad, many people consume juice in the morning, without knowing that if they drink carbonated juice when they wake up, they can get ulcers.

Consuming carbonated drinks on an empty stomach increases acidity and over time, can lead to esophageal cancer. And consumption of carbonated water can be dangerous if excessive.

For gastritis sufferers, eating a warm croissant or pâté with cheese enjoyed in the morning with coffee is not a good idea, on the contrary.

recommended food for gastritis

However, eating baked goods on an empty stomach can cause severe irritation to your stomach due to the high gluten content.

Another food to avoid at breakfast is spicy food as it can cause increased acidity and stomach cramps.

Sweets are also prohibited in the morning. When sugar reaches the stomach, the human body cannot secrete enough insulin to maintain normal levels in the blood. Moreover, over time, those who consume sugar on an empty stomach can develop diabetes.

people suffering from gastritis

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