Following a recipe from the Naples area, an Oradean opened a pizza restaurant in 100% Italian style!

Everything happened 5 years ago, when it appeared Pizzeria Cardinale.

Determined to give back to the people of Oradea the true taste of Italian taste, Adrian Zerghe purchased from Italy, for 18,000 euros, an oven equipped with a rotating plate made of volcanic rock, thus becoming the first pizzeria in Bihor to have this unique oven. . Moreover, the pizza recipe used by Pizzeria Cardinale it is made by a pizzeria from Naples, respecting Italian standards and using the best quality ingredients, brought directly from the peninsula.

In particular, at Pizzeria Cardinale everything from salt and flour to prosciutto, cotto ham, granna, mozzarella, tomato sauce, salami and more is specially imported from Italy. The only ingredients purchased locally are fresh vegetables.

This pizzeria also offers consumers a wide variety of soft drinks brought from Italy: from Coca-Cola and Pepsi to SanBenedetto and SanPellegrino, but also delicious desserts: tiramisu with pineapple, pancakes filled with Nutella from Italy, cheesecake or profiteroles, with which you will be able to sweeten the food like you can only enjoy in Italy.

Biggest pizza

Pizzeria Cardinale offers a rich menu with 33 types of pizza. From various perspectives, apart from typical Italian recipes, recipes that are in great demand among the Oradean people have been introduced and adapted: Kebab pizza, Capricciosa, rănească, Romanian, Hungarian or Spicy Salami. Because pizza is delicious to eat with loved ones, Pizzeria Cardinale also introduces family pizza for 3-4 people into its menu.

Depending on the variety, it weighs between 1.2 and 1.5 kg, and the diameter is about 60 cm. The pizza family can also be divided into two distinct varieties, each half having specific ingredients for the chosen variant. Unlike other restaurants where everything happens behind closed doors, at Pizzeria Cardinale the entire pizza preparation process is done in front of the customer.

Payment on delivery by card, meal voucher, or voucher card

Pizzeria Cardinale welcomes customers with a variety of payment methods, including meal vouchers or meal voucher cards. Payment upon delivery can be made by bank card (delivery will have POS), meal voucher card, meal voucher or cash. In the case of paying by card for home delivery, the customer is asked to specify this in advance. Pizzeria Cardinale does home delivery in the neighborhoods of Grigoritcu and Episcopia, and for a fee (between 5 and 20 lei depending on distance) and in the cities of Sântandrei, Livada, Nojorid, Haieu, Sânmartin, 1 Mai.

Pizzeria Cardinale is located on Piata 1 Decembrie street no. 5, on the corner of Vasile Alecsandri street. Information and home delivery at telephone number: 0359.405.421 or 0773.881.410.

The menu can be seen here: or

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