Business with two Romanian women, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, hit Italy. Loredana and Beatrice find the recipe for success: “Life is so good”

“Brezel da Sara” – a new Romanian shop name that is making waves among Italians. Opened in Cuneo, in the Piedmont region, it is a bakery run by two women, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, named Beatrice and Loredana Agignoaiei. The name has a story that their souls cherish. The business name is dedicated to Loredana’s 3-year-old daughter, also named Sara, notes Targatocn.

Loredana and Beatrice are working hard to build a successful business

Crunchy, savory, ring-shaped bread with a knotted end is the hallmark of Germany. Many will see them at the Oktoberfest stall, served with beer and sausage. But not everyone knows that they are also very popular in Romania.

The ingredients are few and simple, as is often the case in the best recipes: flour, salt, sugar, oil, water, and yeast. The recipe, however, is a family secret and comes straight from Romania where Beatrice already runs a pretzel shop. He had been in Italy for 4 years, while his daughter-in-law arrived 12 months later: “Here at Cuneo, life is very good”.

The two Romanian ones boast a classic version with salt, but they also have sunflower, sesame, poppy seeds or even nutella. There’s no shortage of bread, focaccia, pizza and desserts: “Today we had chocolate biscuits but we also prepared amazing apple strudel. It depends on the ingredients of the day”.

Loredana, 31, and her mother-in-law Beatrice, 52, wake up every morning at 4 to prepare dishes and serve them to many customers who cross the threshold: “Many Romanians came, but also Italians and Albanians. In short, of any nationality!”.

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