Breakfast received by a Romanian woman at a hotel in Eforie Nord. What a tourist who pays 340 lei gets for a room: “Like in a hospital”

This is what happened to a Romanian woman recently. He chose to go out to sea on the Romanian coast, but in no time he ended up regretting it bitterly. From breakfast to other services, the hotel at Eforie Nord really let it down.

What happened to a Romanian woman, shortly after staying at a hotel in Eforie Nord. Unexpected pictures of the Romanian coast

This summer, more and more Romanian tourists expressed their dissatisfaction with the exorbitant prices and poor service on Romanian beaches. Many say that it is much cheaper to choose to spend your holiday with our Bulgarian neighbors.

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Recently, on Facebook, a disgruntled tourist revealed the unpleasant experience he had when he chose to stay at a hotel in Eforie de Nord, where for one night accommodation for 31 July-1 August the tourist paid 340 lei for a double room. .

As mentioned on the special website, breakfast is included in the room price. Here is how it looks, but also the situation faced by tourists who choose to stay in accommodation units at Eforie Nord.

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“Good morning! We’re not the type to leave bad reviews, but now we can’t. We stayed at the Hotel (…) in Eforie Nord, I spoke to the lady on the phone and told her we were 3 couples + 1 child aged 3 years. Everything is fine and cool, he told us that breakfast is now included in the price. I must mention that two years ago I was at their place and they don’t have a restaurant yet, you cook for yourself. It was perfect! When he told me that the price had increased but included breakfast, it was even more perfect because we were glad that we didn’t go to the beach on an empty stomach. Everything was perfect until we went to eat in the morning. Breakfast (which is in the picture) if you want had nothing to eat.It was the same breakfast for 4 days (today, instead of eggs and sausage, he had breaded cheese).

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The next day they told me the kid didn’t receive breakfast because I didn’t pay for it. I told the very stubborn Mr “patron” and started arguing that it wasn’t normal for me. I paid exactly what my dancing wife said on camera. Of course he started yelling at me in front of everyone “that’s what you pay for, that’s what you eat”

This is the last time I step on them.

I got the same breakfast every morning, I used to want to throw up when I got the same food.

I have been to many places with my husband and son but I have never paid extra for him. I paid for such a room and it was included.

Am I too sensitive and have too high expectations? It was vegetable season. She can beautifully put tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc

I’m not talking about conditions anymore, painted fences on the outside and leopards on the inside.

The water in the toilet doesn’t work, ants in the room. It’s true the pool is beautiful, but still a lot of money for one night for such poor conditions”, the tourist wrote on his Facebook page, next to a picture of a disappointing breakfast.

Many Romanians reacted immediately and were amazed by what had happened.

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