“Beehive” Cake – a delicious dessert that takes you back in time

“Beehive” Cake – a delicious dessert that takes you back in time

The dessert in the form of a miniature imitation of a honeycomb, and with an absolutely delicious taste and honey, marks everyone. Slightly crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, honeycomb is an easy cake to cook.

You can’t miss this childhood best cake recipe; hives This is a dessert that for many of us is like time travel. You don’t need a lot of ingredients and it’s very easy to prepare. Check out the recipe below and enjoy the amazing taste.

“Beehive” Cake – Ingredients

For dough:

– 300 grams of biscuits
– 250 gr butter
– 200 grams of powdered sugar
– 100 g ground walnuts
– lemon juice

For the cream:

– 1 box of vanilla cake cream
– 400 ml of boiled milk and chill
– 120 gr butter or margarine

Cake “Beehive” – ​​Steps of preparation

Beat butter, add ground biscuits, powdered sugar and lemon juice and mix everything until a solid mass is obtained.

Sprinkle the wooden honeycomb mold with powdered sugar and fill with the prepared mass, but leave free space in the center and, gently knocking the mold aside on a solid surface, beat the honeycomb mold.

Work like this nest by nest until you have used the entire table.

Pour cold milk (about 15 ° C) into a tall bowl and pour the contents of the cake cream bag into it and stir.

Mix the cream with an electric mixer on full speed for about 3 minutes. Then add the butter you made earlier and continue stirring on medium speed for about 1 minute.

Fill the basket with cream, place it on a round wafer mat or on a communion plate.

Useful advice

Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.

If you want a dark filling instead of a light one, add chocolate to it.

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