APPETITO 2022 – All of Italy in one place, in Bucharest, on 18 and 19 June

Authentic Italian recipes and dishes gathered in the first edition of the yummiest summer festival. Events dedicated exclusively to the taste of Italy will take place this week, each on June 18 and 19and entry will be free.

APPETITE calls for, for two days, all lovers of Italian gastronomy to relax in green grass and fresh air, so we think no more and reveal to you which one 15 vendors waiting for us in Appetite 2022.

Are we talking about the best profile restaurant, bistro, cafe, van or truck in Bucharest, first edition APPETITE bringing them all together, June 18-19, at Green Stop Arena (Str. Barbu Văcărescu 162-164). Curious gourmets will have more than 30 types of Italian dishes to enjoy. Here is the list of participants:

Arrosticini – arrosticini
Bruschetta Bar – different types of bruschetta
Circus Pub – tagliata, burrata, Italian burger, mortadella sandwich
Drunk Squid – cold fritto
Fomizza – pizza
Gattini – pasta
Pasta Mobilu’ – pasta
Pizza Mania – pizza
Sardines – fried squid
Italian jobs – pizza

And since after a delicious meal, coffee or dessert also leaves, we prepare with the following guests:

Orygyns – coffee
Fresco Artigianale – soft gelato
Gioelia Cremeria Italiana – gelato
Zobuian – cannoli

Beers, authentic Italian, like Birra Moretti, will complete it perfect dishes from the festival.

And for those who want their days to be foamy and fruitful, la APPETITE our official prosecco and frizzante supplier, Frizzante Ride, is also coming. In addition, a range of Italian specialty cocktails will be prepared at the festival cocktail station.

A full festival tour, basically a total experience, would sound like this:

We smiled at the entrance, bumped into it real italian beerthen we start exploring the menu:

brushet – baguette slices, cut as thick as required, lightly fry on both sides then grease with olive oil and rub with garlic. We put a handful of freshly cut tomatoes on it. Basil leaves and that’s it: the perfect antipasto.

Now that we’ve recovered a bit, let’s have a glass prosecco or one Negro and we move on.

Easter – mandatory al dente and ideally as simple as possible. Such is Italian cuisine, simple and delicious. We will choose aglio, olio e peperoncino or cacio e pepe. Now a glass of white wine or rose wine will do, something fresh, fresh, summery.

the pizza, tagliata or arrosticini? Becomes what? We can continue with portions arrosticini. Five mutton skewers, tender, caramelized from fat and seasoned to perfection with salt made the difference. Then we took a slice of pizza, mmmm, something really good, baked in a wood fired oven with ingredients, of course, straight from Italy. And, as a crown, a portion of the prime beef tagliat placed on the arugula bed. We take a quick break with a glass of wine or lemonade – if we’re driving – and move on.

Cool fritto or fried squid – with a perfectly balanced sauce or just a dash of lemon – they seem like a delicious seaside destination. Or at Appetito, on the green grass, near the publisher’s stand Don’t worry who sent us directly to Positano.

Italian summer would not be complete without it cannoli or big portion gelato! And I don’t say anything mean LIMONCELLO.

People will have plenty of time to relax on the green grass and good music.

And if we are still talking about music, we take this opportunity to announce that Abasc, Not So Common Dj and DJ Teo will be the DJs who will lead the Italian music program.

Access to APPETITE free and allowed within the limits of the available space. Children under 14 years old are only allowed in if they are accompanied by at least one adult. As the location is pet friendly, access with pets is allowed during the festival – with a muzzle (if applicable) and mandatory with a “pouch”.

Schedule for Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19:
12:00 – Access
22:00 – Closing access
22:30 – Last order
23:00 – Location closed

APPETITE is incident presented by Moretti beersupported by In Italiansponsored by MARIUCA and hydrated by San Benedetto.
Recommended by RADIO GUERRILLA
APPETITE is an event organized by Mixtopia show.

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