6 important details to consider when you want to open a restaurant

No matter what type of restaurant you have in mind, find in the row below 6 important details that will help you open and set it up right.

Business plan and market study

Business plan writing is done based on market research. You can also use your own surveys to be conducted either at the street level, in your city, or online. Ask questions about the menu, decor, serving or delivery needs. This way, you’ll be closer to choosing an idea that fits your customer’s needs, not yours.

A business plan is the “book” of any business in the world, or at least it should be. It should contain the fundamental aspects of your business, such as conceptualization, operational plans, required financing, marketing techniques, restaurant economics forecasts and forecasts, etc. Although it is difficult to write, it will help you immensely as you grow your business.

Decide how you want to convey it

This is a good time to think about what you produce differently from existing competitors in the market (“Unique Selling Proposition”), so that people choose your restaurant. This could be about offering better prices, culinary preparation that follows the original recipe, the way you serve or package food for delivery, etc.

Regarding the type of restaurant you want to open, you have two big options:

  • General restaurants, covering a larger category of potential customers, such as casual restaurants or fine dining restaurants.
  • A single concept restaurant that caters to special customers, such as a restaurant famous for its delicious burger menu or Italian pizza.

Restaurant location and menu creation

Locating the restaurant in a central area, with foot traffic, or near several tourist attractions, each office building, can be important in increasing profitability. At the same time, more secluded restaurants, in quiet areas, tucked away in charming streets, are trending and can have just as good a customer base, especially if you have created a delicious menu together with the chefs on your team. The menu should accurately reflect the type of restaurant you are in, with eye-catching details and images of all the dishes. Before you finish, arrange a tasting night with friends, specialists, and other interested people.

That we are still here, kitchen organization is very important for any restaurant, from professional equipment, easy work table arrangement to general room cleanliness.

Buying a fiscal device

Interactions between your restaurant and consumers that cross your threshold of business transparency with state fiscal agencies, must include the use of appropriate fiscal tools.

In this case, you should choose a restaurant printer with integrated complex functions, all-in-one type, which also includes other useful components such as POS, cash drawer, computer with display and software license.

Finalize all required documents

Regardless of what type of restaurant you want to open, the fact that we are talking about a food establishment in the HORECA area, one of the most complex areas of activity, means a lot of attention and patience in completing all the necessary paperwork and authorizations.

Therefore, it all starts from incorporation as a commercial company, the correct CAEN code for your business operations, multiple sanitary permits and all the way to city hall and ANAF. Contact a consulting specialist to avoid the hassle.

Promote yourself on social media

Promotion on social media does not mean you will get a queue of customers at your restaurant’s door, but you can increase its fame with culinary offerings that are translated into various interesting posts and ideas. As your restaurant identity grows, you’re more likely to have customers who will recommend you not only for the way you promote yourself, but especially for great food.

Since social media is a very dynamic environment, it is best to hire someone, even a part time or freelancer, to handle the restaurant’s daily online presence. Keep in mind that promotions should start some time before opening a business.

In conclusion, opening a restaurant is not at all easy, but then you can spoil a lot of people who appreciate what you do every day.

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