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Want a barbecue with friends? Then why not tweak the menu a bit and make a skewer? There are several dishes with recipes that are easy, original, fun and, most importantly, easy to make. Pork, fish, vegetables, even fruit… Whether you’re vegetarian or not, there’s something for everyone. They are not only quick to cook, but also economical, so organizing such a gathering with friends around the barbecue will not cost much. Try three special recipes and get ready to make a splash among your friends.

Pork skewers with tropical taste

Pork chops can quickly turn into skewers. It is important to choose the right portions, marinate them responsibly and match them with the right vegetables or fruit when making delicious skewers. Get out of the box and whip up this recipe for sweet and salty pork skewers with pineapple. You will be impressed by its delicious taste. Timely stock up on the pork section on Mega Image, for example, with a piece of tenderloin, even a pork chop. Then clean the meat from any fat, cut it into cubes and prepare skewers interspersed with cubes of meat with chopped pineapple and paprika. Brush with honey sauce, sweet soy sauce and a little lemon, then place on the grill until the meat is cooked through and slightly caramelized.

Shrimp skewers with summer flavor

Melon is usually eaten cold, fresh, as a snack, salad or as a dessert. But not this time! Here’s a recipe for mini skewers that will surprise any guest, and warm melons will stay juicy. Give it extra flavor with a dash of chorizo ​​and mint, and the flavors will be perfectly balanced. For this skewer you will need about eight imperial prawns, half a melon, eight pieces of chorizo ​​and some fresh mint leaves. Toss the cleaned prawns in a sauce made of small cloves of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, pepper, and salt and leave for about 30 minutes. Then prepare the skewers, alternating the prawns with the melon balls and chorizo ​​slices. Cook for four minutes on the grill, turning halfway. Sprinkle finely chopped mint on top and enjoy while it’s hot!

Fresh tofu and peach skewers

These skewers are very quick to prepare and are great to taste, especially if you are a fan of salty sweets. You don’t need time to marinate, there are skewers you can whip up in just ten minutes. For this recipe, you’ll need tofu with basil, but if you can’t find it at the store, you can prepare it yourself, making a dip from mashed basil with 1 tablespoon olive oil, which you will brush with natural tofu cubes. all sides (which are bland). Apart from this delicious tofu, you’ll also need fresh peaches and basil. Tofu has a crumbly texture, so it is recommended to make short skewers, so as not to risk turning the cubes into puree. Cut the peach into quarters, without removing the skin. Prepare the skewers interspersed with slices of tofu and peaches. It’s best to cook the skewers on a cast iron plate, not directly on the grill. Brown well on all sides, and when ready, sprinkle skewers with agave syrup or honey and eat hot.

These are just three recipes, but without a doubt, with a little imagination you’ll soon be able to add your own touch of creativity when preparing barbecue menus. Most importantly it tastes good and brings a smile of happiness to everyone’s face!

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